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Foundation Wall Waterproofing – Lasting Results

After a successful foundation waterproofing project done in August 2023 at a commercial building located on Railside Rd. in North York, another tenant requested the same type of repair. On this occasion, the scope of work included 30 linear feet of cold joint repair and 120 square feet of foundation wall waterproofing.

Foundation Waterproofing – a Must

Foundation wall waterproofing is crucial for protecting buildings from water damage. Without proper waterproofing, moisture can seep into the foundation, leading to structural issues like cracks, mold growth, and even potential foundation failure. By waterproofing the foundation walls, we create a barrier that prevents water from infiltrating the building, ensuring its long-term stability and integrity.

Repair Method

Cold Joint Waterproofing

Cold joints, which are weaker points where two concrete slabs meet, require careful handling to avoid potential leaks that could jeopardise the durability of the waterproofing application that follows. Repairing them includes removing any loose material, applying a robust industrial adhesive, and then installing a seamless patch along the joint at a 45-degree angle. This is followed by the application of waterproofing (a fiberglass layer and a waterproofing coating) to ensure optimal protection against moisture intrusion.

Polyurea Membrane Installation

Once the cold joint has been waterproofed, a membrane is applied over the area of the foundation wall that requires it. The first step, as always, is careful surface preparation: the substrate must be clean and free of debris to ensure proper membrane adhesion. The membrane is then applied, ensuring full coverage for lasting sealing results.

Benefits of Polyurea Applications

Polyurea is an excellent choice for foundation waterproofing due to its durability and flexibility. Unlike traditional waterproofing materials, polyurea forms a seamless and resilient membrane that can withstand extreme weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, and structural movements without cracking or deteriorating. Its fast-curing time allows for quick installation, minimising downtime and ensuring efficient project completion. Additionally, polyurea offers excellent adhesion to various substrates, providing long-lasting protection against water intrusion and extending the lifespan of the foundation.

Learn more about the many advantages of polyurea applications by visiting this page:

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