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Exterior Parking Deck and Driveway Waterproofing

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Over the last few weeks, we have gone back to continue asphalt rehabilitation on the exterior parking deck and adjoining areas of a high-rise residential building located on Antibes Dr. in Toronto. We also did the same repair at the building next door.

The first stage, completed in August, consisted of restoring and waterproofing the asphalt surface by applying a durable polyurea-based membrane on top, covering an area of approximately 30,000 SQF. The second stage comprises approximately 8,000 SQF at one building (exterior parking deck, driveway, and garbage area) plus over 4,500 SQF of the circular driveway coating at the second building.

An Efficient Waterproofing Alternative

Installing the polyurea membrane on top of the existing surface means avoiding the major disruption and a much higher cost that would be incurred if the traditional repair method were followed: removing the existing asphalt, installing a waterproofing membrane, and then covering it with a new asphalt layer.

The Repair Method

Proper surface preparation is essential in ensuring proper membrane installation and durable waterproofing results. The entire surface which was to be coated with polyurea was first cleaned with a pressure washer. Any existing cracks were then filled with cold-applied polyurea material, and the whole surface was coated with a water-based epoxy primer. Next, the first layer of a polyurea-based membrane was installed, followed by the second layer which included an aluminum oxide broadcast. This type of aggregate is ideal for surfaces that require longevity and skid resistance, as it does not get polished by the daily wear-and-tear.

Learn more about the benefits of waterproofing polyurea applications by visiting our website at

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