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Elevator Pit Waterproofing – Durable Results

One of the projects completed last week was elevator pit waterproofing done at a mid-rise residential building located on Grandview Way in North York.

Repair Method

In preparation for the waterproofing membrane installation, the elevator pit was first cleaned, and cracks were repaired. Before the cracks were filled, chipping was done to open them up enough for our waterproofing material to be installed properly. Parging was done next to ensure an even surface and a more durable repair.

Cold joints (a weak area where two concrete slabs meet – wall and floor, in this case) were also waterproofed around then entire pit. This step is extremely important since most of the leaking occurs in this area. A continuous patch, running along the cold joints, was installed at a 45-degree angle, to fully seal them.

As the final step, polyaspartic coating (with a colour pigment) was applied to provide long-lasting protection – it fully seals any surface it is applied to. In this case, both the floor and part of the were covered with this coating.

Learn more about our repairs and see other examples of our work by vising our page:

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