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Elevator Pit Repair and Waterproofing

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

If you manage a property in Toronto, chances are there is a Thyssenkrupp elevator in it, since this group operates over 2,000 elevators around the city. If there is an issue with it, you won’t need to get worried - we have a direct working relationship with them. Whether you are looking for elevator repair or elevator shaft waterproofing, we will get it taken care of!

Efficient Repairs

If the elevator itself is giving you trouble, we will make certain it gets repaired; if the issue is with the pit, leave it in our hands too - our specialized applications will ensure permanent waterproofing. As a result, elevator equipment will not be damaged, and the elevators will not be shut down - to your tenants’ great delight!

Durable Results

We are one of few bonded enterprises, which means you will be receiving the highest level of guarantee that the elevator pit won’t have the same issue again. Besides, our stable prices have made us a company of choice when it comes to waterproofing elevator shafts.

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