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Elevator Mechanical Room and Flat Roof Waterproofing

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

In addition to waterproofing the elevator pit in a high-rise residential building located on Lee Centre Drive, Joint Seal Waterproofing has worked on several other repairs throughout the premises.

One such project was the elevator mechanical room concrete floor restoration.

Concrete Floor Restoration

The floor of the elevator mechanical room had deteriorated and required repair.

After doing surface preparation which involved grinding, to remove the top layer of the floor surface, a waterproofing polyurea membrane was installed.

Just like in the elevator pit, Green Skin membrane was used to provide a lasting solution. This polyurea-based membrane ensures a lasting protection against mechanical intrusions and acids. Curing in seconds, it provides a smooth, nice-looking surface, as an added benefit (no need to apply any paint, which would delaminate quickly anyway!).

Another project we worked on this year was roof repair.

Flat Roof Waterproofing

The roof of this building was leaking and required waterproofing. Since it is a high-rise building, and the roof surface is covered with river stones, the project had to be done in two phases – with the stones removed from half of the surface and piled up on the other half.

Once the stones were moved, the existing membrane was removed. All the cracked were filled and patched over. After primer had been applied, the new waterproofing membrane was installed with a roller. As soon as it cured, the stones were placed back.

The process was repeated for the other half of the roof, until the entire surface was fully repaired.

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