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Durable Waterproofing Solutions for Balcony Surfaces

Balcony surfaces can leak for a number of reasons, including cracks, inverted or flat slope, or cold joints that lack proper waterproofing. The necessary repairs are carried out, and a waterproofing membrane is applied over the entire surface to provide lasting waterproofing results and a renewed look.

Balcony repair and waterproofing at a private residence on Fallingbrook Rd. in Scarborough was one of our recent residential projects.

Repair Method

The concrete surface was highly deteriorated due to the building’s age, and there was leakage towards the house from all three balconies. A total of 700 SQF required concrete restoration and waterproofing.

First the surfaces were levelled – this is done by applying a concrete patch of varying thickness, as needed. Thanks to our specialised repair methods and industrial-strength materials, patches as thin as 5 mm can be applied, making surface levelling possible. Next, they were coated with adhesive and covered with geotextile. A membrane-type primer was applied next, followed by a two-layer polyaspartic coating, with aggregates for a non-slip finish (after the base coat of polyaspartic is painted on, aggregates are broadcast, followed by a polyaspartic top coat which fully seals the surface).

Learn more about other repair and waterproofing solutions we offer for balcony surfaces by visiting our page:

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