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Durable Balcony Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproofing balconies is crucial because it shields the structure from water damage, ultimately extending its lifespan. Balconies are constantly exposed to the elements, enduring rain, snow, and fluctuating temperatures. Without proper waterproofing, water can seep into the concrete, causing cracks, erosion, and structural deterioration over time. This moisture penetration not only weakens the balcony's integrity but also leads to potential issues indoors, such as leaks and dampness, which can affect the building's structure and inhabitants' comfort. Waterproofing not only safeguards the balcony but also protects the overall structure, preventing costly repairs and ensuring a safer, more durable living environment.

One such project was completed recently at a mid-rise condo building located on Dundas St. in Burlington – we were requested to provide a durable waterproofing solution to ensure the balcony surface would be fully protected for years.

Repair Method

As always, a sound installation starts with proper substrate preparation. Addressing any cracks or concrete delamination is essential, to make sure that the waterproofing membrane will adhere. In this case, there was just light patching to do. Once the patch was installed, slight grinding was done, and debris removed to further ensure the substrate was ready.

A two-layer polyaspartic coating followed. When the first layer is installed, it is broadcast with non-slip aggregates, which makes the balcony floor safe for resident use. A second coating is applied next, to fully seal the surface and ensure the aggregates remain in place.

Benefits of Polyaspartic Coatings

This type of membrane has become a proven material of choice due to its many outstanding qualities, making it especially suitable for outdoor settings exposed to various weather elements. Its remarkable UV resistance ensures prolonged durability against the sun's harsh rays, while its chemical resistance fortifies the membrane against environmental degradation. Moreover, the flexibility to modify its color and incorporate specialised sand or decorative flakes provides an avenue for customisation, which can be a client requirement. In this case, a classic gray finish was requested.

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