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Decorative Pond Waterproofing Solutions

Having successfully waterproofed an elevator pit containing a piston-operated elevator at a private residence located on O’Connor Dr. in Toronto, and repaired cracks under windows, we were requested to recoat a large decorative pond surrounding the building.

Even though such a water feature adds a unique touch of serenity to the exterior, it must be waterproofed properly not to cause leakage into the building, given its proximity. A proper protective layer must be installed to shield the building structure against water seepage, preventing potential issues like dampness, mold, or structural damage.

Repair Method

The project began with the removal of the old bubbled-up membrane. Grinding of the concrete substrate followed, to ensure correct waterproofing membrane installation. The existing membrane removal revealed some underlying cracks that had to be repaired. The first attempt to fix them with concrete crack filler did not work at this location, so they were opened up again, coated with a waterproofing material, followed by patching – this solution proved to be successful.

Next, the entire pond floor surface of 3,220 SQF was cleaned with specialised solvents ahead of an epoxy coating. To strengthen the application further, a layer of geotextile was added, followed by an additional coat of epoxy for enhanced protection.

However, due to weather considerations, the final phase of the waterproofing has to be postponed. Applying the last decorative layer in colder temperatures would compromise its effectiveness, so it is scheduled for completion in the upcoming spring.

Learn more about the benefits of polyurea-based waterproofing systems by vising this page:

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