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Concrete Step Restoration and Coating – Stage 1

Concrete stair restoration and waterproofing at a series of townhouses on Guildwood Way in Mississauga is one of our current projects. Concrete steps and landings at the 23 homes need repair and coating. The project will be done in three stages: sandblasting, concrete crack repair and patching, and polyaspartic coating.

Stage 1 – Sandblasting

Work began with removing the original epoxy coating and delaminated concrete by using a sand blaster – the quickest method. At the same time, the existing cracks will be opened more, which minimises the grinding and chipping that will need to be done in preparation for repairs.

Timing is crucial since the stairs are the only access to the townhouses and are shared by two homes. We are coordinating with the tenants and closing off one side of the stairs (divided by aluminum railing) while allowing access through the other side, which lets us advance quickly.

Possible Additional Scope

Aluminum railings were also inspected – the black paint that covers them is peeling off. If requested by our client, we will coordinate railing restoration.

Read our next blogs to learn about the remaining two stages of this project – concrete repairs and coating.

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