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Concrete Restoration and Waterproofing Solutions for Residential Buildings

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

One of the projects carried out in December consisted of concrete repairs and waterproofing in a mid-rise residential building located on Stewart St. in Oakville. The scope of work included parking spot and garage wall repairs, garage ramp restoration and waterproofing, as well as planter repair and waterproofing.

Parking Spot Repairs

One of the parking spots was unlevel. To remedy this issue, the surface was regraded (starting with four inches at the back). An epoxy primer was applied next, to the entire surface of the parking spot, followed by a waterproofing base coat. A polyaspartic top coat was used to finish off the area.

Garage Wall Restoration

The old concrete affected by humidity was removed with a chipping gun, and grinding was done to ensure proper adhesion. Parging and painting followed.

Garage Ramp Repair

In preparation for a waterproofing membrane installation, all the cracks were repaired with a specialised crack filler. Next, the entire surface was coated with a primer, and a thick layer of a polyurea-based membrane was sprayed on. A black polyaspartic base coat and top coat followed, to ensure lasting waterproofing results.

Planter Waterproofing

Since the planters had cracked, humidity entered the parking garage below, causing concrete deterioration. To solve the issue, all the soil was removed, so that the planters could be repaired. All the cracks were filled, primer was applied, and a waterproofing membrane was sprayed on.

Learn more about a variety of waterproofing solutions we offer for parking garages by visiting this page:

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