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Concrete Repairs & Waterproofing at a Food-Processing Plant

Over the holidays, we were asked to once again return do more concrete repairs at a food-processing plant in south Etobicoke where we had completed several multi-phase projects since November 2020. Those concrete repair and waterproofing projects consisted of over 350 LF of cold joint repairs and over 800 SQF of concrete patches, including areas of the floor around trench drains.

Extensive Repairs

Trench drains run along most of the premises, collecting water discharged from all the machines, but since this water is highly acidic, it breaks up the concrete surface as it flows across the floor into the drain. Because the liquid gets under the floor slab before it can reach the drain, the surface is eroded even further, which is the reason why we have been doing concrete patching in many areas of the plant.

The Challenges

Some of the areas are difficult to access when performing repairs because of all the pipes that run along the floor. Certain production rooms, such as where baby food and similar items are made, are very sensitive, and precautionary measures must be taken to ensure exceptional cleanliness. At the same time, production in certain areas can only be shut down during the holidays, making it essential to coordinate with the client to schedule the work accordingly.

Lasting Results

This time, we were requested to repair the floor in the main batching room. Since it could only be made available over the holidays, we worked during Christmas. Crack repair and coating with cementitious urethane were done to remedy the areas where the floor had become unlevel and cracked.

Our specialised materials provide 1.85 MPa adhesion which ensures lasting concrete repair – all the cracks are repaired efficiently, ensuring durable waterproofing results.

Cementitious urethane was used to coat part of the floor surface after those areas were prepared properly with grinding and chipping. This application is being widely used in food processing plans and commercial kitchens, as it provides a great degree of resistance to thermal shock and impact.

Learn more about a wide variety of concrete repair and waterproofing services offered by checking the different pages under Our Services tab on our website.

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