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Concrete Repairs at Toronto Pearson International Airport

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Control joints located in front of the Vista Cargo Terminal needed repair.

Bid Awarded

Joint Seal Waterproofing was invited to bid for this project after the Vista Cargo authorities had received a recommendation from Hamilton International Airport for concrete repair work we had done there. We participated in the bid and won after proposing two different solutions.

Optimal Solution

After a very costly traditional engineering solution had been offered to Vista Cargo, the request was to provide a more feasible alternative. We suggested the following two:

  1. A modification to the engineering solution – less invasive joint routing (a narrower saw cutting) and a different material for filling.

  2. Our solution – joint cleaning (minimal routing, done only where required) and injection with aliphatic gray polyurea, which offers UV protection.

The latter solution was approved.

Scope of Work

We filled approximately 2,500 linear feet of control joints by using the polyurea injection process. This material is self-leveling and fast-curing: it filled every crack and sealed all the concrete edges.

Best of all – the entire repair took only three weeks instead of the three months that a traditional repair would have taken, cutting down on labour and material costs.

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