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Concrete Repair & Waterproofing Solutions for Residential Buildings

Two weeks ago a large project, scheduled to be completed in spring 2024, began at a mid-rise residential building located on Maison Parc Crt. in Thornhill. Work scope includes crack repair and patching on both levels of the underground parking garage; ramp, trench drain, and garbage area repair and cold joint waterproofing, as well as ceiling repair and floor coating in all the utility rooms.

Work began on the ramp and the trench drain at the bottom of it.

Why Waterproof Cold Joints and Trench Drains

These joints – where two concrete slabs meet – represent vulnerable points in structures because they are susceptible to water infiltration, which can lead to a host of problems including deterioration of the concrete, corrosion of reinforcing steel, and ultimately compromising the structural integrity of the entire project.

Repairing and waterproofing around trench drains at the bottom of parking garage ramps is crucial for several reasons. These drains play a pivotal role in managing rainwater, snowmelt, and other fluids that accumulate in parking garages, preventing flooding and ensuring the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians. However, if not properly maintained, these areas can become prone to deterioration and water infiltration, which can lead to structural damage, corrosion of reinforcing steel, and the formation of hazardous icy patches.

Repair Method

To waterproof a cold joint, it must be cleaned out first with either a chipping gun or a saw – depending on project characteristics – and debris removed, to ensure proper adhesion. It is then coated with adhesive, and continuous patch, running along the entire joint, is installed at a 45-degree angle. A waterproofing membrane is applied next, to fully seal them.

Trench drain repair is similar – the concrete substrate must be prepared before a polyurea-based waterproofing membrane can be installed, so that it can adhere and remain in place for years.

Learn more about our great variety of concrete repair and waterproofing solutions by visiting this page:

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