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Concrete Floor Repairs

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

More waterproofing was done at the food processing plant in south Etobicoke.

Trench drains run throughout the processing areas to allow for continuous water discharge (water runs across the floor and into the drains). Because the water is highly acidic, it breaks up the concrete floor and flows under the floor slab before it can go into the drain, further eroding the surface.

Besides, drainage trenches are made of stainless steel, which would normally make it impossible for concrete to adhere to them.

Our Solution

We had to seal around the drain, ensuring the repaired surface would withstand the acidity and be completely flat.

Our crew did minimal demolition (just 5 mm deep) around the drain, to be able to install a concrete patch that would be level with the floor, to allow for continuous draining. Thanks to our specialized materials, the patch fully adhered to the old concrete and to the metal edge of the drain. As a final touch, cold-applied polyurea membrane was applied, ensuring complete waterproofing.

Water continues flowing over the patch and into the drain, without getting under the floor slab.

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