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Concrete Ceiling Crack Repair

A series of concrete repair projects has been completed since the beginning of the year at a mid-rise residential building located on Bayview Avenue in Richmond Hill. Since each one proved to be successful, we were asked to do further repairs in another area of their parking garage, including ceiling crack repair.

Crack Repair

If traditional methods are followed, the resulting repair will not last – two slabs of concrete cannot be fused together when there is a crack. However, when specialised materials are used, monolithic 1.85 MPa adhesion is possible which ensures that the material used for crack filling will remain in place and will hold the two slabs of concrete together. These materials work well both on single and multiple cracks, allowing for surface restoration. Such rehabilitation is even done on concrete surfaces that are combined with metal structures.

A three-step repair process is followed: cracks are cleaned out via chipping or grinding, coated with a specialized adhesive to insure immediate and durable repair, and filled with an appropriate crack-filling material. The repaired area is then painted over to match the surrounding surface.

Repairing Concrete Ceilings

Fixing ceiling cracks poses an added challenge – the mix used can simply fall out if proper materials and proportions are not used, and the correct repair method is not followed. Our industrial-grade adhesives enable us to avoid such issues – crack-filling material instantly bonds to the surface it is applied to. It works even on wet substrate, allowing us to not only repair concrete but also restore it to its original condition.

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