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Complete Restoration and Waterproofing Solutions for Swimming Pools

We were contacted to provide a lasting waterproofing solution for an exterior infinity swimming pool located on the sixth floor of a residential building on Erskine Avenue in Toronto. To ensure durable results, a comprehensive repair was proposed: wall crack repair, restoration of the infinity pool edge, waterproofing around the drainpipes, and membrane installation both on walls and floor.

Repair Method

Wall Crack Repair

Over time, even the sturdiest surfaces develop cracks, as concrete ages, making crack repair a must. To prepare the pool for membrane installation, all the wall cracks were filled first. The repair process consisted of the following: each crack was opened up to remove any loose material – to ensure optimal adhesion – and coated with an industrial-strength adhesive before being filled with a specialised crack filler.

Waterproofing around Drainpipes

Proper waterproofing around drainpipes is essential to prevent water infiltration and potential damage to the surrounding structures. To achieve a robust seal and mitigate any risks, a comprehensive waterproofing method was employed. The surface surrounding each pipe was prepared by doing grinding and chipping to create a clean and stable substrate. A cold-applied polyurea-based membrane was applied next – both on the area surrounding the pipe and partially on the pipe itself, for best results.

Restoration of the Infinity Wall Edge

Before the entire pool surface could be coated with a waterproofing membrane, we had to ensure that the infinity pool edge was properly prepared. To restore it and ensure membrane adhesion, some thin patching was done, and the surface was ground off slightly.

Floor and Wall Membrane Installation

A waterproofing membrane that covers the entire pool surface – walls and floor – is vital in preventing water leakage into the structures below, as it will help avoid concrete surface cracks because the substrate will not be exposed to the weather elements.

In this case, geotextile was used for more durable results, together with three coatings of a polyurea-based waterproofing membrane, the top coat being aliphatic (UV-protection), since the pool is exposed to sunlight.

By addressing wall cracks, restoring the infinity wall edge, installing a floor and wall waterproofing membranes, and implementing effective waterproofing around drainpipes, a complete and durable solution was achieved.

Learn more about our variety of concrete repair and waterproofing solutions by visiting the different pages of our website.

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