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Cold Joint Repair – Durable Waterproofing Solutions

This month, we have completed several more concrete repair and waterproofing projects for a long-term client of ours located on London Green Court in North York. It is a mid-rise residential building, where this year we were requested to provide lasting waterproofing and repair solutions for several more areas, including restoring the concrete surface around some drains, repairing a leaking wall cold joint, and patching an area of the parking garage floor.

Previous Projects

Since 2017, we have effectively executed numerous similar waterproofing endeavors for this client, delivering enduring solutions for concrete repair and sealing. Our work scope at this location has included patching ceilings and floors, restoring edges around the drains, and revitalising the garage entrance, among others.

Repairing a Wall Cold Joint: Step-by-Step Process

One of the three projects done this month was cold joint waterproofing. To ensure durable waterproofing results for this wall cold joint, the following repair method was implemented:

Step 1: Opening and Cleaning

The first task involved using a chipping gun to carefully open up the joint, creating space for the repair work. The joint was then thoroughly cleaned out, removing any debris or loose material that could compromise the repair.

Step 2: Coating with Adhesive

To enhance the adherence of the concrete fill, an industrial-strength adhesive was applied, fully coating the joint. This adhesive created a strong bond, minimising the risk of future separation or cracking.

Step 3: Repairing with Parging Mix and Cement All

A combination of parging mix and Cement All, specifically chosen for their excellent bonding properties, was prepared and applied to the opened joint. This mixture was skillfully worked into the joint, ensuring a secure and durable repair.

Step 4: Coating with Waterproofing Material

Once the repair was complete, a waterproofing material was meticulously applied to the repaired joint. This coating served as an additional layer of protection against potential leakage, safeguarding the integrity of the joint and preventing future damage.

Step 5: Painting

To somewhat match the repaired joint with the surrounding wall, this final step involved painting it, which also provides a bit more additional protection.

By following these comprehensive steps, the wall cold joint repair was successfully executed, restoring the structural integrity of the joint and enhancing the overall appearance of the wall.

Learn more about a wide range of concrete repair and waterproofing solutions we offer by visiting the different pages on our website.

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