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Cold Joint and Pipe Waterproofing at the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario

Joint Seal Waterproofing was approached by representatives of this large sports facility also known as the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre in 2021, as they required some repairs and waterproofing. The project was put on hold due to issues with third parties, but a few months ago, we were contacted again, to provide repairs underneath two pools, including pipe, drain channel, and cold joint waterproofing, and a range of concrete repairs. We modified our original proposal to fit the current needs of our client.

Repair Method

Cold Joint Repair

Cold joint waterproofing involves a meticulous process to fortify vulnerable junctures in concrete structures. Initially, the joint is opened up to a depth of 2 inches using a chipping gun, creating a clean and receptive surface. Subsequently, an industrial-strength adhesive is applied, ensuring optimal adhesion and stability within the joint.

Following this, a continuous black cement patch is installed, contributing to the structural reinforcement of the joint. To conclude the process, a polyurea-based waterproofing membrane is applied, forming a resilient barrier against water intrusion. This comprehensive approach not only seals the cold joint effectively but also provides long-lasting protection, safeguarding the concrete structure from potential water-related issues.

Pipe Waterproofing

Pipe waterproofing is a critical process to ensure the integrity and longevity of pipelines. One effective repair method involves coating the pipe with an industrial-strength adhesive, ensuring a strong and durable bond. As the next step of the repair, fiberglass sheets are strategically installed to reinforce the structure and provide additional strength. To complete the waterproofing, a cold-applied polyurea-based membrane is coated over the pipe, forming a robust barrier against water infiltration. This comprehensive approach not only seals any existing vulnerabilities but also fortifies the pipe, offering long-term protection and resilience against environmental factors.

Drain Pit Waterproofing

Drain pit waterproofing involves a systematic approach to fortify the structure and protect it from potential water-related issues. Initially, the drain pit undergoes grinding to create a smooth and prepared surface. Subsequently, an industrial-strength adhesive is applied to ensure optimal adhesion and stability. The next step involves the application of a primer, enhancing the bond between the substrate and the waterproofing materials. Afterwards, two different types of polyurea-based membranes are meticulously layered over the pit, forming a comprehensive and resilient waterproofing system. This dual-layered approach adds an extra level of protection, creating a robust shield against water intrusion and ensuring the long-term integrity of the drain pit.

Learn more about a wide range of concrete repairs and waterproofing solutions we offer by vising the different pages on our website.

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