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Behind an Infrared Camera

Are you ready to detect any underlying leakage in your elevator shaft? The wall and floor surface might be looking perfect, but you know it could be just a “mask”. How does an infrared camera work, though, and how can it help you figure out a possible problem?

How an Infrared Camera Works

This type of camera detects heat (infrared energy) and converts it into an electronic signal. A thermal image is shown on a video monitor after this signal is processed. Temperature is also calculated and displayed. The amount of heat sensed and measured by the camera allows to clearly identify the presence and severity of leaking underneath a surface that looks perfect to the naked eye.

Precise Diagnosis

Coupled with infrared software, infrared imaging provides a precise, cost-effective thermal analysis. You will instantly know where there is leakage and how severe it is, which will make it easy to decide just how urgently waterproofing needs to be done. Whether it is urgent, or you simply want to prevent a bigger issue in the near future, give us a call.

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