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Balcony Waterproofing with Polyurea

We were asked to provide a durable solution for five different balcony surfaces of a private home in Uxbridge, with a total area of 1,000 SQF. The existing polyurethane coating had already failed and had to be removed.

Surface Preparation

All cracked and lose coating, as well as caulking and sealants had to be removed carefully, ensuring no silicone or silicone residues remained. A high-power blower and solvents were used in the cleaning process.

Surface Waterproofing

As the first step, the surface was primed with a water-based aliphatic epoxy primer which offers excellent chemical and UV resistance, while providing monolithic adhesion. It is a no-VOC material, which makes it suitable even for interior applications.

When the primer cured, our specialized fast-setting polyurea-based membrane was applied. Its strong, highly resilient super-polymer structure ensures lasting surface protection by eliminating water vapour transition to underlying surfaces. Its outstanding impact and abrasion resistance help provide durable waterproofing results.

As a final step, the wooden deck tiles were reinstalled.

Learn more about our balcony surface repair and waterproofing by visiting this page:

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