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Air Compressor Room Concrete Ramp Repair

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

The most recent work done at the south Etobicoke food processing plant involved air compressor room ramp repair. There was a series of challenges to overcome to successfully complete this project.

The Challenges

Since this ramp is a high-traffic area where forklifts constantly load and unload, we had a one-day window to carry out all work. The repair has to be lasting, to be able to handle the impact of heavy equipment using this area continuously.

The Solutions

We were able to accommodate the client by mobilising a large enough crew to finish all the work in time. In order to provide durable results, beside using our specialized materials, we also regraded the ramp to minimize the impact of all the driving done on it.

Concrete Patching

Under traditional repair methods, patching requires a minimum of two-inch demolition in the affected area – more materials and time are required to do the work. The use of our unique products permits thin patch applications, making the job much more cost-efficient and faster (less demolition is required, since patches as thin as 5mm are possible). A monolithic patch is created, allowing for complete restoration of the structural integrity of the repaired slab.

Patching involves three steps: removal of delaminated and unsound concrete, application of adhesive, and patch installation.

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