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A Renewed Look for a Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi

An unusual waterproofing project was completed recently – a swimming pool and jacuzzi that required sprucing up. The project began with the pool, but when the owners saw the result, they asked that the jacuzzi be repaired as well.

Repair Method

The first step – deglazing the tiles – had to be done very carefully, not to break any (a grinder was used to take the shiny coating off each tile). The surface was then cleaned thoroughly and degreased with a solvent, as it had to be spotless and dry before it could be painted. Next, we checked for loose tiles and reattached them, replacing the grouting between tiles, as needed. The entire surface was then primed, and painted.

The same procedure was followed to give the jacuzzi a new look.

Learn more about a wide range of our waterproofing and concrete repair surfaces by checking the different pages on our site.

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