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Portfolio: Toronto Pearson Airport T3 Elevator Pit


Mississauga, ON

Repair Types:

Elevator pit floor waterproofing membrane, cold joint repair.

The challenging aspect of repairing elevator shafts is having to work from the negative side (inside), for obvious reasons. There were leaks through floor-wall cold joints and floor cracks.

Floor-wall Cold Joints 

The following procedure was applied to repair these cold joints: 

  1. All of the corners were cut into the corner and adhesive was injected. - Patching material was applied, while the adhesive was still curing. 

  2. Polyforce Plus Primer was painted over the patching. 

  3. Fiberglass was installed to cover the corners. 

  4. Finally, fiberglass was painted with basalt for further reinforcement and protection.

Floor Cracks 

If crack repair is needed, the following process is applied:

  1. Cracks are routed with a saw to create a V-groove to prep the area for repair. 

  2. The crack is filled with Polyforce Plus Adhesive which ensures immediate and durable monolithic adhesion. 

  3. The crack is patched with the Polyforce Polymer Cement. 

  4. Waterproofing Polyforce Plus Primer is applied over the area. 

Polyforce Plus Adhesive was used to stop immediate leaks, followed by concrete patching and crack repair. Fiberglass, combined with Polyforce Plus Basalt application, was applied over the floor-wall joints to reinforce the corners.

 Floor Patching 

Under traditional repair methods, patching requires a minimum of two-inch demolition in the affected area. The use of our unique products, Polyforce Plus Adhesive, and Polyforce Polymer Cement, permits thin-patch applications, making the job much more cost-efficient and faster. 

Our patching process is as follows: 

  1. Delaminated and unsound concrete is removed. 

  2. Polyforce Plus Adhesive is applied as an adhesive layer. Its impressive 1.85 MPa adhesive strength ensures monolithic adhesion. 

  3. Within 40 minutes, the actual patch is applied. On very thin patches (less than a ¼ of an inch), Polyforce Polymer Cement is used; otherwise, regular cement.

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