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Portfolio: Swimming Pool Crack Filling


Scarborough, ON

Repair Types:

Concrete crack repair

Swimming Pool Crack Repairs
Traditional swimming pool repairs require complete draining - a very costly procedure. We have technology that allows repairs from the negative side, which avoids this cost altogether. 

Our specialized Leak Stopper is injected deeply into the crack and remains intact long enough to prevent the water from flowing through the crack, making it possible to repair it by following our standard procedure:

  1. Cracks are routed with a saw to create a V-groove to prep the area for repair.

  2. The crack is filled with Polyforce Plus Adhesive which ensures immediate and durable monolithic adhesion.

  3. The crack is patched with the Polyforce Polymer Cement.

  4. Waterproofing Polyforce Plus Primer is applied over the area.

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