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Portfolio: Food Processing Plant Concrete Floor Restored


Etobicoke, ON

Repair Types:

Concrete patching, concrete crack repair.

One of the challenges that this site presents is restricted access due to the nature of the business, as well as having to work in confined spaces, around the plant’s equipment.

In addition, food processing cannot be interrupted, and work area must be kept free of contaminants. The environment is acidic, making repairs more difficult to carry out. 

Concrete Patching and Restoration 

Delaminated concrete edges along the drain in the large vat area had to be repaired. 

Our patching process was followed: 

  1. Delaminated and unsound concrete was removed. 

  2. Polyforce Plus Adhesive was applied as an adhesive layer. Its impressive 1.85 MPa adhesive strength ensures monolithic adhesion. 

  3. Within 40 minutes, the actual patch was applied. On very thin patches (less than a ¼ of an inch), Polyforce Polymer Cement is used; otherwise, regular cement.

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