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Portfolio: Expansion Joint Injection


Oakville, ON

Repair Types:

Expansion Joint Injection

Expansion Joints

Normally, when there is a failure of waterproofing membrane over the surface of expansion joints, the entire membrane must be removed and reinstalled. The excavation required by the traditional repair method is quite costly, but can be avoided with the use of PolyFlex expansion joint application.

What we do is drastically different: we drill injection ports and inject our specialized liquid material which turns into soft rubber. It has tremendous adhesion power capable of binding cracked concrete, and displacing any accumulated water, not allowing it to re-enter. The concrete slabs can still expand and contract due to the nature of the materials injected. At the same time, such injection seals any crack in the membrane, preventing any future leaks from recurring.

This type of application method has been proven to create permanent waterproofing with a high degree of success and long-lasting results. Application from within the structure will avoid unnecessary expenses of top-side repair.

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