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Portfolio: Balcony Cracks Fixed


Toronto, ON

Repair Types:

Concrete Crack Repair

Typical scope of balcony work consists of surface patches, crack repairs - which run from the unit wall out to the street - and surface non-slippery decorative finish. 

In some cases, the slope of the balcony floor needs to be reversed to drain the water away from the unit wall. Slope reversal is done by applying an adhesive layer together with polymer cement in a thin-patch configuration.

Balconies in this building required crack repair.

Balcony Crack Repair
Crack repair – whenever possible – is the most cost-efficient way to avoid future extensive balcony repair. While with traditional methods, two slabs of concrete cannot be glued together when there is a crack, our specialized methods make it possible. 

We use materials that provide monolithic 1.85 MPa adhesion, which allows for complete concrete repair and restoration. It works both on single-defined and multiple cracks.

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