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Concrete Step Restoration and Waterproofing

We recently got a request to restore three sets of concrete stairs with their corresponding porches at a triplex on Nelson Street in Oakville. Some of the steps were quite worn, to the point of showing rebars, thus posing a tripping hazard.

Repair Method

Proper surface preparation is key to a successful concrete repair and restoration. Any loose concrete was removed, and the exposed rebars were coated with an anticorrosive paint. Before patches could be installed to fully restore the concrete surface, some grinding was done, and the area was coated with an industrial-strength adhesive. Crack filler and specialised concrete mix followed.

To seal and waterproof the steps and porches, a polyaspartic membrane was used in a two-layer application. The basecoat was followed by an anti-slip aggregate, after which the topcoat was applied. As a result, the entire surface is protected against weather elements which cause concrete degradation (cracking and delamination) and is safe to walk on. As an added bonus, this waterproofing membrane gives the entire building a renewed look.

Such repairs are extremely durable, as the polyaspartic material is designed to last at least a decade.

Learn more about our waterproofing and concrete repair solutions by visiting this page:

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