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Concrete Stair and Landing Restoration in Mississauga Complete

Concrete stair and landing restoration at 23 townhouses on Guildwood Way in Mississauga is drawing to a close this week. This project was done in three stages – sandblasting, concrete crack repair and patching, and polyaspartic coating – which were needed to ensure a lasting result.

Concrete Surface Preparation

To prepare the surface for repairs, the original epoxy coating and delaminated concrete were removed by using a sand blaster which was the fastest method. Such surface preparation also helped open the cracks more, which saved time – demolition to be done by hand was minimised. This was a very important factor, since these stairs are the only access to the townhomes and are shared by two units.

Crack Repair and Patching

Our specialized materials allow for efficient crack filling and patching (even thin patches – as thin as 5 mm – can be installed), which allows us to restore any concrete surface without the type of demolition required by traditional methods. To ensure a smoother finish, we also parged some of the repaired surfaces.

Final Coat

To complete this project, we covered the surface of all the steps and landings with a polyaspartic coating. A UV-protection type was used for further protection against the sun. This layer was also broadcast with sand, for a non-slip finish, to ensure tenant safety.

Learn more about other concrete repair and waterproofing solutions we offer by checking our pages on this website.

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